Six-Pack Stud-A-Thon!!

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There is nothing like a hot, sexy man walking around with just a towel and droplets of water still making their way down his chest.  But what is equally visually exciting is a man in uniform. My weakness happens to be firefighters. The uniform represents such strength and bravery that I can’t help but be attracted to the man who possess those qualities. Now if you add a hat, bare chest and some low hanging bunker pants that is simply drool worthy. So, I must say I was VERY satisfied with my cover for Grey’s Hidden Fire.  It provided the perfect sensual imagery to match the personalities of the characters within. And damn did they know how to heat up the sheets…I mean shower….I mean kitchen…umm…  Lets just say they weren’t shy with their affections. 😉 I will be giving away a e-book copy of Grey’s Hidden Fire, so comment and join the dangerous, hot, exciting, sensual fun.


Now, Grey and Mica are not the only hot studs to check out.  There are MANY more to visit and prizes to be had.  So thrust aside all your inhibitions, go forth and be a voyeur to all things sexy.  Click here

Plus, do not forget to enter in to win the amazing prize package below!

Grand Prize

Enter by clicking this Link: a Rafflecopter giveaway


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