Sunday Sneak Peek into Simon’s Antics

A little snippet from Simon’s WIP:

“Michael, I know you’re in there.” Simon’s voice filtered into the house. Michael stood and stared at the door. What the hell was Simon doing here? Out of everyone he hadn’t expected him.

“Come on. Don’t think I won’t make a scene.” Simon’s voice got progressively louder when Michael didn’t respond. “I did warn you,” Simon said in a singsong fashion. What? Michael took a step closer to the door.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this to us,” Simon yelled, for the whole damn neighborhood to hear. “After all I sacrificed for you. You just use me and throw me aside.” Michael’s mouth dropped open. Oh, the Newman’s where going to have joint heart attacks over the drama and Damian was going to record this for Youtube.

“I gave you my virginity,” Simon’s voice became shrill. “And you just…” Michael threw open the door and jerked Simon inside.

“What the hell are you thinking?” Michael snapped.

“I’m thinking I not only got you to open the door, but got inside your house.” Simon’s dark green eyes sparkled. “But seeing how things look,” Simon’s nose wrinkled. “That might not be a good thing. It looks like Animal House exploded in here.”

To peek into the lives of some of the other men of Firehouse Six, check out Grey’s Hidden Fire!


For more fun excerpts to spice up your Sunday, hop on over to:


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