Weekend Writing Warriors

This is an excerpt from one of the Firehouse Six series.  Simon’s story.  

He reached out to touch the soft locks of hair that flowed down to conceal half of Simon’s face. He’d barely grazed Simon’s cheek before the man flinched away so hard he fell off the couch.

“Don’t touch me,” Simon whispered.  His eyes so filled with fear and desperation that Michael felt as though he was being torn apart from the inside.  He wanted to help the other man up, but when he reached down Simon shrank away from him.

“Just leave me alone,” Simon said and curled in on himself.

Michael hunched down and pulled a now passive Simon into his arms with a single thought whirling around his head; what the hell had happened to Simon.

“That’s the one thing I can’t do,” Michael murmured against Simon’s hair.


If you want to meet more of the guys from the Firehouse check out Grey’s Hidden Fire. 


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6 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. Grey’s stories are definitely a series I believe I would enjoy immensely. I love to read a series that builds upon itself with each new book. Will be placed on my list of books I’d like to invest in.

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