Sexy Saturday in the Showers ;)

Simon raised his brows. “I know I can shower alone.” The words didn’t hold much conviction, if anything there was a level of humor in them. “And isn’t it a little odd to shower in your boxers?”

Michael soaped up a cloth and ran it carefully over Simon’s bruised flesh. “You’re a little too tempting. I have to keep some barrier between us.”

“I don’t remember you wearing boxers in the shower at work.” Simon pointed out. “Actually it was one of my favorite things to do. Peek at your amazing ass because no matter how much I tried I couldn’t seem to catch a glimpse of your cock. You were always studying the wall.”

“I had to do that,” Michael muttered. “When you were in the shower with me I was always rock hard.”

Simon glanced down and gave Michael his first full grin since Michael had been there. “Looks like some things don’t change.”

Michael groaned. He knew that his cock was tenting the front of his boxers but it couldn’t be helped. He was in the shower with Simon after all. The man’s amazing body was before him, sleek and wet.

“Don’t tempt me,” Michael chastised


If you want to get to know a couple of the other Hunky Firemen from Firehouse Six, take a look at Grey’s Hidden Fire, which is out now!  

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