Weekend Writing Warriors

A little snippet from a WIP. 

“Mr. Starr, Aspen did nothing to deserve the assault. For you to imply that he did is nothing short of ignorant and petty,” Garren said with a smooth superiority that impressed even Aspen.

“This is between my son and I,” his father goaded in a scathing voice.

“Anything involving Aspen involves me,” Garren stated.

Aspen felt his insides go all gooey and warm. No one had ever stuck up for him against his father and Garren stood there looking at his father like he was something that was scrapped off the bottom of his shoe.

“Your association with my son ends here and I’ll be taking him home with me,” Douglas declared.

“I’d say that’s up to Aspen,” Garren replied in a dark voice full of warning.

My muse for Garren


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5 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. There were words on the page, right? I mean, it took me a few minutes to remember I was supposed to be reading due to the pic of your muse! Great eight demonstrating the tension to come.

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