Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop!

‘Twas the Naughty Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house,

Not a shifter was stirring, not even a mouse;

The Condoms were stored by the chimney with care,

In hopes that Kade Boehme soon would be there;

Some writers were nestled, some hogging the beds

While visions of naked men danced through their heads

And Bailey in leather, with Jase and his nightcap

Were attempting to recoup from a bar fight mishap

When out on the lawn Daisy made such a clatter,

Jase leapt from the floor to see what was the matter

Away to the window Jase flew like a flash,

Tripping over Mary Wallace in his mad dash

The shimmer of glow sticks on the new fallen snow

Gave the lustre of mid-day to the people below

When, what to his sleep deprived eyes should appear

But a gaggle of authors, the best of the year

With a wicked hot leader, so vibrant and quick

Jase knew right away it was Becky Condit

With starbucks, swag to free Wifi they came

And Jase whistled, and shouted, and call’d them by name

Hey, Whitley, Morticia, Prater, and Glenn

Yo! K.C., Stormy, Paterson, O’Quinn.

To the top of the porch! The key hangs on the wall!

Then dash up the stairs don’t forget the gag ball.

As wicked words whispered ripe to unfold

Meet with idle authors, troubles soon to be told

So up to the house they strode two by two

Both naughty and nice, both lacking virtue.

 All joyful and merry far from aloof

Some powered by alcohol, one-hundred proof

They opened the door ready for another round

When down the chimney a stripper came with a bound:

He was dress’d all in leather, from his head to his foot

With his bronze skin layered in glitter and soot

Sex toys galore could be seen in his sack

And a radio within played, baby got back

His hips how they swiveled to music so merry

His cheeks were rock hard, g-string red as a cherry

Kade finally arrived with Lynn Hagen in tow

Tens, twenties and fives stuffed way down below,

Piper peeked into his bag of goodies and sweets

Sharing only with Serena, her pilfered treats

The dancer made the rounds with much Joy and glee

And boy was he packing from what Jase could see.

The music grew louder, books shook on the shelf

Laughter and leering at the leather bound elf.

The man gave a wink when his g-string he shed

Suddenly lights through the window flashed blue and red

A siren blared and all those present gave a jerk.

The man dived for his clothes finished with his work

And with a tuck and a zip, package enclosed

With one last shimmy, up the chimney he rose

With the cops at the door the authors did hide

Leaving Draven, who was fit to be tied

But Jase heard Draven exclaim, as the squad car took flight-

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

The End (Or is it?)

For even more fun, check those sleeping shifters, quite active,  in Scent of a Wolf



Jace Shaw is one of the few survivors of an extraordinary, rare wolf pack. He spends his days on the run and his nights in another world with a man he’s only dreamed about. To sleep is to feel his dream man’s hands on his body and hear his wicked whispered words. But when the sun rises reality crashes in: the evil that destroyed his birth pack hunts his kind down in search of a way to control their power.

Merek Wahya is an alpha dealing with all the issues of being newly appointed, but they all fall away when he closes his eyes at night. Then, a man with moonlit hair and mercury eyes crawls into bed with him. When he wakes it’s to a painful arousal no one can satisfy. When Merek’s wolf catches Jace’s scent he knows he’s found his mate, and he soon learns their nocturnal meetings were only foreplay. The joy of this discovery is shadowed by the trouble that follows Jace. Merek’s mate is embroiled in a battle between two ancient packs, a war Merek must now fight. If he fails he could lose Jace forever.

Adult Excerpt:


Merek pinned Jace’s wrists to the ground. The man loomed close, his muscular frame pressing against Jace’s so he touched all the right spots. Jace squirmed in a halfhearted effort to get free even as his body screamed at him to yield to the pleasure that Merek could provide.

Merek leaned down to whisper, “You’re always so damned difficult.”

The moon shone down, filtering through the webwork of trees that canopied their nocturnal wicked activities. In the pale silver light, he could see Merek’s face. It was composed of sharp angles, a prominent nose, chiseled jaw, and a sensual mouth. That mouth never failed to make Jace’s cock twitch. Merek’s face was almost always partially shaded by the long locks of black hair that flowed down to touch his broad shoulders. Hair so dark it refracted light in shades of blue—an eerie color reflected in his eyes. They were the palest blue Jace had ever seen. The eyes of a wolf, and he growled like one too.

Letting the primitive nature of their wolves loose in the magnificent embrace of the wilderness was instinctive. The smell of damp grass and pine trees wafted around them. But beneath that scent was Merek’s—rich, primal, and addictive.

Jace strove to stop his grin as he bucked his hips in an attempt to get Merek off him. The man was too strong for his own good. The move only resulted in Merek chuckling and adjusting to hold both of Jace’s wrists in one hand. The other he used to lightly caress Jace’s cheek and jawline. Merek brushed his thumb over Jace’s bottom lip, causing a shudder to flow through Jace. He knew just what those hands were capable of.

No matter how hard he fought himself, he couldn’t help but tilt his neck into the soft touch. Merek gave him a sensual smile.

Jace tried to twist away again, to get the upper hand, but to no avail. Merek trailed his hand lower, and Jace arched into the gentle touch. The man was doing his best to destroy Jace’s control, and it was so tempting to catapult to the carnal command.

“Just one word, Jace, and I’ll give you everything.”

Merek leisurely traced his fingertips down Jace’s naked chest, along the hard muscles of his stomach, and stopped at the waist of Jace’s low-riding jeans. Jace curved into the touch. Desperate for Merek to go lower.

“Submit to me.”

* * * *

Jace Shaw sat up sharply in bed. The image of sweat-slicked bodies and the sound of throaty growls saturated his mind. The sex-laden dreams had his heart pounding with lust and his cock pulsing with raw need. Rampant desire raged through him so intensely he could barely catch his breath.

All because of some hot mountain of a man whose wolf seemed determined to dominate him. He could easily overpower Jace. He was more muscled and towered over Jace’s five-eleven frame by at least half a foot, and that was in human form. Yet Jace had never been intimidated by or afraid of him. It was through their dreams he had eventually found out the man’s name was Merek.

Every one-night stand he had to assuage the fire Merek inspired failed miserably. All the men had lacked in some way. He had tried to drown his sexual appetite in men who mirrored the man he wanted so badly to fuck. He’d screwed men from the East Coast to the West Coast, but not one of them had lasted more than the a few hours he’d rented the hotel room for. None of them tempted the wild nature of his wolf. At the end of the night, he was left with the sick feeling he had in some way betrayed Merek.

Merek hadn’t always been so rough and hard. They had grown and matured together over the years. Merek’s dark features had developed into granite lines. His body had become sculpted muscles built by hard work. It wasn’t until the past couple of years that the interaction had become two-sided. Before, it had always been as though Jace were a ghost on the sidelines…watching.

Merek hadn’t shown any sign he even knew Jace existed, with one exception. Merek stopped cutting his hair the day Jace’s parents were killed. The day Jace’s safe world came crashing down. The moment when he had been forced to grow up, learn how to survive, and how to fight those who would continue to hunt what remained of his family. That had been his new reality.

But now, despite the fear and insecurity that followed him, there wasn’t a night when he didn’t end up tangled in sweaty sheets with Mr. Tall, Dark, and Dangerous playing opposite him in some Kama Sutra porn marathon.

Buy Links for Scent of a Wolf

Loose Id:


If you’re looking for some Holiday fun…keep an eye out for Fire and Mistletoe coming out December 24th!

dsj_fire and mistletoe_coverin


When Greyson Hayes envisions the perfect first Christmas with Mica Cruz he sees twisted sheets, a bottle of wine and a roaring fire. What he doesn’t see is a holiday spent with the uproarious Cruz family. Grey hasn’t taken part in a family Christmas since the death of his parents. Despite his misgivings, he can’t seem to form the word no when it comes to Mica.

Mica knows that Grey’s not a grinch. Hell, the man shares so much Christmas cheer during the holidays that he leaves no time to experience any for himself. Not this year. Mica plans to make a few changes, starting with a few wicked and whimsical gifts. He enlists the help of his co-workers at Firehouse Six. They band together and strive to provide Grey with the same joy he gives to everyone else–with five a.m. tree hunts, strategically placed mistletoe and Mica playing Santa’s not-so-little helper.

But while Mica is busy being nice, Grey has plenty of time to be naughty…

For a chance to win a copy of Scent of a Wolf please leave a comment and your email address. For more chances to win fun prizes click the link below and hop along to the other pages to enjoy the holiday cheer!


35 thoughts on “Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop!

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  2. First I have to say that your version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” was deliciously naughty fun. loved it! Both books sound like hot reads.. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours
    Christine S
    cms72023 @ gmail dot com

  3. I enjoyed your rendition of the night before christmas very much. It shows your creativity. 🙂 Please enter me in your giveaway, even if I do not win I will still be purchasing these books.
    thank you.

  4. Awww, what a sweet book!!! I love when someone goes out of his or her way for their loved one. My mom and I are like that. We try to do lots of little things like fill stockings for our men, take our families to see Christmas tree lights, visit Main Street in St Charles to eat roasted chestnuts and see santas from around the world:)
    cc_clubbs at yahoo dot com

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