Morticia Knight – Razzle Dazzle

The Best Man Isn’t Always Obvious – Will Roman Steal Jack’s Heart?


The Gin & Jazz Series is a journey about a sweet but naïve young orphan Jack. It’s the Golden Age of the 1920’s, and Jack travels west with his lover Nick. They are from the streets, and find themselves struggling to survive the tawdry world that makes up the celluloid kingdom. At the beginning of Razzle Dazzle (Gin & Jazz 2), Jack is crushed by the loss of his lover, and isn’t sure how he can go on. It seems as though his fortunes might be about to turn as Global Pictures Studios has expressed an interest in him. And so has their top screen idol – the rakish Roman Pasquale.

As Razzle Dazzle progresses, Roman’s pursuit of Jack is relentless. Being so much older and more sophisticated than Jack, he has no trouble turning on the charm and seducing his prey. Originally, Roman had been outlined as a much more unlikable character. It would have been easy to do the typical “good lover/bad lover” dynamic – therefore making it obvious who Jack would choose. But I began to fall in love with Roman a little – even if he is a bit of a sarcastic rogue. But who doesn’t love a bad guy? And there is a lot more going on inside of Roman than is readily apparent. All of his defenses, insecurities, fears and depth of emotion are laid bare by his love for Jack – even as his smart-assiness still reigns supreme. He’s also incredibly gorgeous and overwhelmingly sexual – so there’s that too! That left me with a difficult dilemma. So, I had to give in and let Jack choose for me – but he made me promise not to tell, so you’ll have to wait! Especially as Jack meets other very sexy men along the way.

Razzle Dazzle introduces you to his relationship with Roman. In this following excerpt, Roman finally has Jack in his bedroom, willing to give him whatever he wants. And Roman wants everything. Here’s a peek at the beginning of their first sexual encounter.

Jack is on the verge of silent film stardom, but Hollywood glory won’t heal his broken heart. Then the seductive screen idol—Roman Pasquale—sweeps Jack away, and makes him his own. Will Roman’s obsessive love finally bring Jack true happiness?

Sitting next to him on the bed, Roman slid Jack’s coat off inch by inch. It seemed as though Roman intended to keep up the torture of the day a little while longer. Roman removed each item of clothing meticulously, planting the occasional kiss or gentle bite on a spot of exposed skin. At last, Jack sat in nothing but his under shorts. Roman traced a finger softly along Jack’s arms, over his chest and down to his abdomen. Roman brushed his hand lightly over his back then moved up to run his fingers through Jack’s hair again. He used his other hand to caress Jack’s inner thighs, not quite reaching far enough up his leg to discover Jack’s arousal.

“Such an angel. So pure. I have dreamt of you, Jack. Do you know that?”

Jack was overcome by emotion. He wasn’t sure he could speak without Roman hearing him choke on his words.

“I-I’ve dreamt of you too, Roman.”

“Come lie with me then.”

Roman stood and directed Jack farther up on the bed. Roman went to his nightstand, opened a small drawer and pulled out a jar. He opened it and set it on the top of the stand. Roman removed the rest of his clothing and stood nude before Jack. It was unbelievable to think that Roman Pasquale was here with him, naked, wanting him. Jack was reminded of how stunning a man Roman really was. In addition to how striking he was when clothed, he had an outstanding body. He was tall and trim, but with strong, muscular thighs, long legs and a full shapely ass. His arms were defined, his shoulders broad and his chest just muscular enough to be alluring, but not overdone. A light smattering of dark curls spread over his caramel-skinned upper torso, and a thin trail of hair began at his navel, and extended down into an inviting cluster at the root of his penis.

Roman crawled over to Jack from the side of the bed, and inserted two fingers under the waistband of Jack’s shorts. Jack was lying back on a group of pillows, and Roman simply reached under Jack’s rear and lifted him slightly to remove the last piece of Jack’s clothing. Roman cast the shorts aside and leaned on his side on one elbow, gazing at Jack’s erection. Jack was a smaller man than Roman, and although he knew that his penis was a decent size, it wasn’t anywhere near as impressive as Roman’s. He hoped Roman wasn’t disappointed.

“Mmm. Just as wonderful as I’d imagined.”

Jack sighed in relief.

“Are you still okay, Jack?”

“Yes.” He toyed with his lower lip.

Roman traced one finger up Jack’s side, and back down over Jack’s hip bone that jutted out. Pre-cum leaked from Jack’s tip. Roman gathered the fluid with his finger, and swirled it around the swollen head of Jack’s dick. Jack hissed in through his teeth.

“What else worries you?”

Roman kept lazily playing with Jack’s cockhead, and Jack groaned.

“Oh… I… I want to be good enough for you.”

Roman reached over, grabbed Jack’s buttocks and swallowed Jack to his root. Jack’s hips arched off the mattress as he cried out. Roman was suctioning him, his throat muscles working around his shaft as Jack pumped into Roman’s mouth, the moist heat so delicious. Roman ate him greedily, as if he needed to consume all of Jack. He had been ready to come all day, and Roman’s slick, teasing tongue was going to send him over the edge too fast.

“Roman, stop… Roman, I’m gonna…oh!”

Jack yelled out as he shot load after load of cum down Roman’s throat. The force of his orgasm was so strong he was practically curled into a ball as he finished jerking the last drops out. His hands were clutched in Roman’s hair, and as he came back from the heaven Roman had sent him to, he realised just how hard he’d been pulling on Roman. He let go.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to yank on you like that…”

Roman chuckled deep in his throat, and looked up at Jack, still grasping his ass.

“I take it you enjoyed that?”

Jack nodded.

“Mmm,” Roman continued, licking his lips, “And you are more than good enough. You are divine.”


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