Weekend Writing Warriors

He was surprised when he saw Mica’s eyes swimming with tears. Mica brushed his thumb over Grey’s cheeks, wiping away the moisture there.

“It helps me to do all the volunteer events around the holidays. Much like your parents not wanting to decorate their tree alone, I never wanted to either.” Grey hid his face in Mica’s neck and whispered, “You confuse me, and now I think I want those things, but you have to give me time.”

Mica wrapped his arms around him, using one hand to rub up Grey’s back and lightly massage his neck. “I promise not to push, but I’m glad you came,” he murmured against the top of Grey’s head.

Mica’s fingers drew patterns on his back, and it took him a moment to realize Mica was spelling out I love you.

The above is an excerpt from Fire and Mistletoe!  The release date is just around the corner….December 24th

dsj_fire and mistletoe_coverin

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