Sexy Saturday Holiday Snippet!

dsj_fire and mistletoe_coverin

“If you want something for your lover, then shouldn’t we be at the adult store?” Simon grinned with a not-too-subtle thrusting of his hips.

“Hardy har har. I already got that gift. I want to get him something more serious. More meaningful.” Mica sighed. For all the little bits of information Grey shared regarding his life, he remained closed off in other ways. They were still getting to know the minor quirks about each other. But with each moment shared, Mica fell even more in love with the quiet man.

“Earth to Mica.” Simon’s hand swished in front of his face.

“Shit, sorry. What were you saying?”

“I wanted you to share with the class what you bought Grey at the naughty store. Please, please, please?” Simon vibrated with his enthusiasm. His moss-green eyes shone like they were lit from within.

“No. If I let you peek into the bedroom games, soon you’ll want to come in to referee. I think not, my friend.” Mica emphatically shook his head.

“Okay, but just know, my own thoughts about it are probably so much dirtier than what’s really happening.” Simon snickered and proceeded on ahead.

The above was a little snippet from my upcoming Christmas Eve release, Fire and Mistletoe!


For more sexy words to savor and enjoy continue on the hop!


3 thoughts on “Sexy Saturday Holiday Snippet!

  1. Very nice. Another book to add to my growing list. Is this the follow up to Grey’s Hidden Fire? It’s the next in line for me to read on my kindle.

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