Saturday’s Sensual Firemen ;)

“How much?” Grey’s voice sounded a bit breathless.

“Two teaspoons of sugar.” Mica breathed against Grey’s ear. He felt a spike of elation when Grey made no move toward the sugar.

“Would you just touch me already?” Grey asked in frustration.

Mica loved the desperation in Grey’s voice. Shifting his body, he pressed his hardening shaft against Grey’s ass. Grey stiffened for a moment, then melted against him.

Mica trailed his hands down Grey’s arms before he whispered, “Touch you where?” He placed his hands on Grey’s taut stomach. With his pinky, he traced the edge of Grey’s pajama pants and teasingly pushed into them, only to retreat.

He groaned when Grey rocked back against his dick. It slid along the crack of Grey’s ass and pulsed with the violent need to be buried deep. Did Grey realize what images his actions evoked?

“Everywhere,” Grey said in a voice that vibrated with desire.

The above is a snippet from Grey’s Hidden Fire, book one in the Firehouse Six series. 


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