Sneak Peek of Simon!!

Okay, my lovely readers, if I can get up to thirty comments (from different people) on this blog post then I will reveal an extended excerpt from Simon’s story. I have a question for you to answer in your comment. If you found this man peeking through your window, what would be your first words to him?


Creativity! Come on, make him feel welcome. I just might use your line in one of the future Firehouse Six books!!


32 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of Simon!!

  1. So if I saw this guy peeking through my window, I would probably say something like… “Um… Uh… Hi!” So basically, I would make a complete fool of myself and possibly run away. Lol. 😀

  2. No words just sound *gasp* hand at mouth…… Please Draven be kind to Simon he as a vulnerability about him as if his hears has been hurt one too many times. I will be done with my current book this week and can’t wait to meet the guys at the station

  3. After I throw a glass of water on this lovely man, I say “Ohh, I am so sorry. Come right in and get out of those wet things…and right into my bed”. Enjoyed the little Simon and Michael scene you shared earlier. Hoping you get thirty comments, so we can have more of Simon.

  4. “There you are! Finally! I’ve been waiting my whole life for you to find me.”
    Or, on a less romantic turn:
    “I didn’t know you delivered.”

  5. You are absolutely beautiful. Come in and let me show you what you have been missing.
    (Not really, I would gasp, shudder – from fear – and stare until he says something first).

  6. “Well hello. Are you going to keep peeking or come in and join the fun? I promise I won’t bring out the cuffs until you ask me to…”

    But I’m a rather brazen hussy at times.


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