The Power of Love a m/m Blog Tour!

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Love is beautiful. That is what this day is about…love. The quiet moment below could be a scene before the passionate frenzy begins or the breathless aftermath. Describe this moment in a single word and leave it as a comment (with your email) to be entered into a giveaway for a free e-copy of Scent of a Wolf. I provide a little inspiration in the form of an excerpt from Scent of a Wolf below.

“Up here, handsome,” Merek drawled, his voice both amused and aroused. He stood in front of Jace and traced the pad of a thumb along his cheekbone before leaning down to kiss up the side of his neck.
“I need you,” Merek whispered hoarsely against Jace’s ear. The words released a groan from between Jace’s clenched teeth.
Merek’s dark hair fell around Jace’s face, enveloping him within Merek’s world. His smell—dark…rich…earthy. Jace shuddered beneath the warm, rough glide of Merek’s tongue along the shell of his ear. Merek pulled him close.


Make sure to continue on in the hop to enjoy the fun and frivolity of more blogs with giveaways! Click the link below.


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