Sensual Saturday Seductions.

           Below the picture of my inspiration for Taber is a snippet from his WIP.  It will be the fourth book in the Firehouse Six series.  Enjoy!


Deacon traced a finger across the cheekbone of the man in his drawing. Taber was a very attractive man.

“I mean with sexy gay guys popping out of your group like daisies. I wouldn’t be surprised if Taber batted for team ‘taste the rainbow’,” Cole continued on with a wicked grin.

Deacon laughed and it received a glare from the raven haired Amazon of a teacher who instructed them.

“I don’t want to taste anything on Taber,” Deacon said in a hushed voice.

“If you say so,” Cole responded with a hint of disbelief.


For more sexy words to savor and enjoy continue on the hop!


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