Sneak Peek Sunday

Aspen tasted a drop of sweat that slid down Garren’s neck. “Wow.”

Garren panted and trailed his fingers along Aspen’s spine. Placing gentle kisses on Aspen’s shoulder caused a full-body shiver of residual satisfaction.

Aspen started to move off Garren, but the man’s hands stopped him.

“Not yet,” Garren murmured. “You feel so good.”

Aspen rested his head on Garren’s shoulder and snaked his arms around Garren’s neck. “Mmm…in a minute we’ll be stuck together.”

Garren’s chest vibrated with his laughter, and Aspen smiled against Garren’s skin.

The above is a snippet from Covert Delivery, which will be available March 25th!!!


For more sneaking and peeking, continue on in the hop by clicking the link below:


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