Aspen excerpt-Covert Delivery

I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge and today I have to work on the A angle.  I’m choosing to highlight a moment in Covert Delivery that involves Aspen. You can check it out below.  🙂


Aspen Excerpt

“Survived?” Taylor’s voice interrupted his musings. Taylor personified a player personality, and Aspen knew that factored into why he’d gotten the job. Taylor had confided that the temptation of a female subordinate didn’t lend to a healthy business environment.

“Yes. Not a singe mark.”

Taylor threw his head back and let out a bark of laughter. “Oh, if you were a woman, you’d be in so much trouble.”

That was what he loved about working with Taylor. The man had no filter whatsoever. Such levity in the environment made the days go by faster.

“If I were a woman, you still wouldn’t stand a chance.” Aspen winked.

“Pish, you haven’t seen my charming, debonair side,” Taylor offered with a suave smile and a magazine-cover pose.

“That makes one person,” Garren said as he strolled into the reception area.

Aspen’s face heated, and he shifted back to his computer. He peeked over at Garren, and his fingers twitched with the desire to run through Garren’s thick, dark hair.

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