Gay Romance Northwest Meet-up

Today is all about the letter “G” in the A to Z Challenge.  I want to give a very loud shout of support to the GRNW! This is an amazing gathering that I am lucky enough to be going to as an attending author.  Of course, I am just one of many wonderful authors who will be jumping out of our writing caves to make an appearance. Below is some basic information and a link to the website!


Join us on 9/20/14 at the Seattle Central Library for the 2014 Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up, a celebration of LGBTQ romance fiction.


“The goal of Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up is to give writers and readers all over the region a chance to gather, meet, and discuss LGBTQ romance fiction. The Meet-up is open to the public and readers and writers are welcome to come and join in!”


Make sure to go check out the other blogs and their fun “G” interpretations by clicking the link below!


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