Plotter or Pantser

Today is about the letter “P” in the A to Z Challenge. When faced with the letter “P” all I could think of  was the idea of being either a Plotter or a Pantser. Plotters are the ones who write the road map of the story before getting down to all the little details. Pantsers, on the other hand, start with chapter one and stop at the end with no real structure in place. In my case I fall somewhere inbetween. I do lean toward the Plotting end of the spectrum, but no matter how detailed of a synopsis I write, my characters always end up adding a curve in the road. I guess you could say that on the road to “the end” I may write the directions but my characters most definitely are driving the car. With my Firehouse Six Series, there are necessary plotter components. I have to weave stories together beyond “the end” because with a series “the end” is only “the beginning” of the next tale.

          The Beginning                      A curve in the road                          

Untitled1dsj_fire and mistletoe_coverin

A New Beginning

DSJ_fused by Fire




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