Reviews, a Love/Hate Relationship

Today is about the letter “R” in the A to Z Challenge. For the letter “R” I thought about the difficulty of not just reading reviews of your own books, but of actually writing a review for someone else’s. Every reader is vastly different and anticipates a varied beginning, middle and end. As a writer, I set out to give my characters a full, interesting and entertaining story. I want to feel passion, humor, love, joy and even sadness. My hope is that every reader can connect to my characters and for even a moment be pulled from their world and exist in a fantasy. Every review is someone’s perspective of that fantasy world. When I write a review, I keep that in mind. Sometimes I have to step back and see a work for the simple beauty that it is. I believe writing reviews are important, especially on the books you love. Why? Because there are so many books out there that it’s nice to have a little light shined on a book that may be worth taking a peek at.




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