Leela Lou Dahlin is Stopping By!

I’d like to welcome Leela Lou Dahlin to my blog today. Take a moment to get to know her and get the treat of a wonderful excerpt from her newest book, A Haught Date.

Every time someone gives me carte blanche to talk about whatever I want I draw a blank. As I thought about what I wanted to write so many things came to my head. Should I be funny…inspiring…give a recipe? Then something happened…

While at the store I witnessed a group of guys joking around and one of them said to the other, “You’re not man enough…” I didn’t hear the rest of the sentence or know what they were talking about but I saw the flash of hurt on the young man’s face. I didn’t say anything and after that small snippet of dialog they went on their merry or not so merry way and I was left to think about what I wanted to say not only to the harsh speaker but to the recipient of those words.

To the Speaker I’d want to say –

I’m not sure who put you in charge of what it takes to be a man and gives you the right to tell someone what they are man enough for, but I’d ask that you think about the words you say and how powerful they can be. A man is a man and only he can determine where he wants to go and wants to do with his life…his heart…his mind and his journey. I’m sure someone has said that to you before so you know how it feels to be subtly cut down in a joking manner. Take a minute to think about what you really want to convey with your words.

To the Recipient of those words and to you reading this I want to say –

You are more than enough…of whatever you are. Don’t let the harsh words of another make you doubt yourself, change yourself or make you think you are anything less than perfectly you.

I want to thank Draven for inviting me over to her blog. We’re twins you know….Loose ID twins. We were both introduced on the same day to the Loose ID family. My debut release is called A Haught Date, and here is a little taste of it…



She missed having a good time, being spontaneous, and just doing something for the sake of fun. Try as she might, Gemmi was having trouble forgiving Rosalyn for a lot of things, but making her too self-conscious to put herself out there and making her doubt she had what it took to keep a man interested were the hardest to get over.

She spied the hottie again. His smile grew, and he raised his glass slightly. What the hell did that mean? An invitation? If he was interested, why didn’t he come over? She wasn’t dumb enough to go over there and be rejected in front of all these people like the other women had. That’s it. She was done. Her drink was finished, and her elusive date’s time was up. She’d continue her hunt for a fictional boyfriend tomorrow by pricing the rates of an escort. Sitting here hoping that something was going to happen with this man was ridiculous. However, that didn’t stop her from wanting to see if she could make him feel just a touch of what he was doing to her. More than a little aroused, Gemmi kept her eyes on him as she took the cherry out of the glass, slid it between her lips, and used her tongue to bring it the rest of the way into her mouth.

He had been about to tip the bottle to his lips when she started her antics, but the glass never made it to his mouth. It came up halfway and halted as he watched her performance. When his gaze snapped back to hers, his eyes were filled with hunger, and the comfortable smile he’d worn all night turned wickedly seductive. She knew how to flirt and silently patted herself on the back before getting up in search of the bathroom. It was too bad she wasn’t bold enough to invite the fine-looking eye candy with her. That would make this night less of a bust, but she wasn’t that bold.


Bio – At the age of 9 Leela Lou Dahlin started reading the romance novels her grandmother left around the house during her summer vacations. She learned early that she enjoyed the type of story that could make you feel like you had fluttering butterflies in your stomach and bring tears to your eyes.

Leela tries to create the emotional and endearing stories she adored as a child and continues to love to this day. She resides in SW Pennsylvania working as a RN Case Manager during the day and spinning her sweetly sexy stories by night.

Did you like that? I hope so Gemmi and Camden have a sexy, funny story that I loved writing and hope you enjoy.

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Loose ID



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Email me at Leela Lou Dahlin


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