Temptation and Teasing.

Today is about the letter “T” in the A to Z Challenge.  It’s Friday, so my muse has given me one word for the letter “T”…Temptation. I must admit that the week has been less than easy and my muse is feeling rather lethargic, thus it feels the desire to communicate very little. Instead I must dig deep into the truth of why we reach for a fantasy. The temptation of a book holds great reward. When a story waits on the sidelines to be read it is always in that corner of a reader’s mind….waiting. Simply waiting for a free moment when it can open and a reader can delve into the words and experience the other side. Temptation comes in all forms, both written and…visual. So, for the moment I have decided to spice up your day and provide you with a little inspirational temptation.





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