Seductive Studs & Sirens!

With slightly unsteady hands, he checked Michael’s heartbeat and listened to his lungs. Michael’s skin felt firm, and the light dusting of hair tickled Simon’s fingertips. His body went straight from professional to horny, all kinds of kinky work scenarios floating about.

His gaze flickered down to take in the bunker pants and work boots Michael still wore. How could what were essentially rubber pants look so sexy? Knowing what was beneath amplified the effect. He’d seen Michael naked in the showers when he’d worked at the firehouse. Hot, steamy water sluicing down Michael’s broad shoulders and over his—

Ugh, I cannot get aroused now. No getting a hard-on at work.

It had been his personal mantra while employed at the firehouse, because every time he looked at Michael, he couldn’t help but mentally strip the man and play out every fantasy he’d had since he was fourteen.

The above Excerpt is from Fused by Fire!

DSJ_fused by Fire


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