Sensual Sunday Breakfast Fun!

“Yippy. Simon is going to be so—” The bag gave way and ripped completely in half. Powdered Sugar flew everywhere, but mostly managed to cover Deacon who had taken the brunt of the explosion. “Holy shit.”

Taber roared with laughter as Deacon dropped the bag to the floor and made a futile attempt to dust the powder from his chest, but the fine layer was stubborn.

“You are not helping,” Deacon growled, throwing his arms wide to illustrate his predicament. “You could at least not laugh like a maniac.”

Taber attempted to temper his humor but couldn’t stop the wide grin that had taken residence on his face.

Deacon rolled his eyes. “I thought I needed a little sun before,” he muttered.

“Do you just shake off over the pancake?” Taber teased, unable to help himself. For the first time in months he felt…normal. “Is this part of the recipe?”

The above is from a WIP, Driven by Fire, which is the fourth book in the Firehouse Six Series. Leave a comment (on the blog) with what you think Deacon’s once sentence verbal response to Taber’s question would be and if I get twenty or more comments….I’ll post the rest of the scene. 😉



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