Taste the Rainbow Blog Hop!!


I was inspired to put together this blog hop to honor the LGBT Community. As an author in the M/M genre I have felt very welcomed by fellow writers, authors and of course readers. As a way of thanking those who follow my blog and enjoy my Firehouse Six books, I’ve included an excerpt from the fourth Firehouse Six book: Driven by Fire. Leave a comment about what inspires you and you’ll be entered in a giveaway to win a 25 dollar Amazon gift card!


Deacon traced a finger across the cheekbone of the man in his drawing. Taber was a very attractive man.

“I mean with gay guys popping out of your group like daisies, I wouldn’t be surprised if Taber batted for team taste the rainbow,” Cole continued on.

Deacon laughed and it received a glare from the raven haired Amazon of a teacher who instructed them.

“I don’t want to taste anything on Taber,” Deacon growled in a hushed voice.

“If you say so,” Cole responded in sing song fashion.

Deacon glanced over just as Cole turned his page to face the model. The man checked out Cole’s invitation and a smile transformed the sensual pout of the model’s lips. He nodded.

“Well, I have a date tonight.” Cole hurriedly flipped the page.

Deacon shook his head at Cole’s antics. Deacon had known men like Cole since he’d begun dating at sixteen. As a whole, Cole was a really great guy, he just had an aversion to monogamy, but Cole didn’t lie about it. Cole was always up front about what he could contribute to a relationship. Deacon respected at least that much.

“Maybe now that you’ve dropped the ball and chain you should come out with me.” Cole bumped his shoulder to Deacon’s. “A little grind to shake loose the remnants of your ex.”

Deacon smirked. “I’ll think about it, but for now I want to get things settled in with Taber.”

“I’ll accept that excuse for the moment.” Cole proceeded to draw another stick figure with horns and a tail.

“Why exactly are you taking this class?” Deacon asked with a raised brow.

Cole gestured toward the model. “Umm…hello.”

Deacon shook his head. “You are incorrigible.”

A loud, exaggerated throat clearing cut into their conversation and Deacon glanced into the narrowed gaze of Professor Wilson.

“Stop distracting me,” Deacon muttered.

Cole snickered but returned to constructing a very graphic depiction of two stick figures getting it on while the third evil one held a whip.



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18 thoughts on “Taste the Rainbow Blog Hop!!

  1. Love this series, can’t wait for the next book. People and life in general inspire me. Inspiration is out there, you may have to look a bit closer at what’s around you to see it.

  2. What inspires me is the way more and more people have been able to marry who they want to. It makes me so happy!!!


  3. The people I know, places I’ve been, books I’ve read and things I’ve seen all inspire me. Inspiration is always out there as long as you open your eyes and mind to it.
    Great blog hop, thanks for the giveaway.


  4. what inspires me… Hmmmm. that is a good question. good music, the wag of a tail or a purr of a furry friend, a childs laugh and when all else fails: a good glass of wine.

  5. People overcoming obstacles whether external like society or internal like their own introverted/shy nature inspire me to try to do the same. Examples of this would be my father and many characters from all m/m books I love to read!
    Looking forward to following this blog hop, thanks for the chance at a giveaway.

  6. What inspires me… God, my family, my friends, music, nature, the people around me. I think you can find inspiration in so many things if you are open and receptive to it, even in negative situations. I haven’t started this series yet but the excerpt is wonderful and I will definitely be buying several of them come payday! Thanks for the giveaway! Hugs!

  7. Love inspires me. Seeing people fall in love, accepting eachother’s faults and building a life together no matter the odds. Though I must admit that gay love inspires me the most.

    I know one man who spent 30 years married and having children due to the fact that his older brother was institutionalized and tortured because he was gay. He’s now in his seventies and has spent the past 20 years finally being able to be true to himself. Finally able to marry his true love.

    I’ve also known other men who lived together for over 20 years yet hid behind the term “roomates” because of their families bigotry.

    I’m so thankful that finally the tide and has turned and we’re starting to see society become more accepting. I pray for the day that no one’s orientation or self identity matter at all.

  8. Anything can inspire me, I just need to see that ‘spark’ that makes me thing I can accomplish whatever I want.
    Thanks for the giveaway and love your Firehouse Six series.

  9. I find inspiration from everything. Being outside, reading, music, and my all time favorite is people watching.

  10. Nature inspires me – there isn’t a day that I don’t see a flower or butterfly or bird and think how amazing and diverse nature is.

  11. Hi Draven, firstly thank you and Carly for setting up this taste the rainbow blog hop 🙂 I have been inspired by the sites I have visited and the authors who have contributed to this blog.

    I am inspired by the students I used to teach, as they had learning issues and problems that would make me cry, who never gave up and tried there hardest to learn and face challenges daily that many others would give up if they were in similiar circumstances.

    I am inspired by my father, who has struggled to copy with serious health issues and my mother inspires me as she supports and loves us all – no matter what we do.

    I am inspired by books I read & the ones I plan to read, knowledge I gain, beautiful poems, art and photography, nature & the support and acceptance I feel from the LGBT/MM community of authors and readers

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