Liam’s Sacrifice Excerpt….

Sean leaned against the tiled wall and slide down to his ass, the heated water pelting his skin. Each drop erased a caress, a touch, a moment when Liam had pressed so close not a breath had existed between them. He tunneled his hands through his hair and let loose a sound that was more animal than human.
Falling forward onto his knees he felt buried beneath the weight of his grief. Why wasn’t Liam his mate? Why did he feel this? His hands fisted and jaw tightened to hold back the pain threatening to erupt from inside him. He should never have touched Liam, now he knew why. Fate may not have brought them together as mates, but Sean’s soul burned to be next to Liam. Now every moment away from Liam was an icy shard of pain.
Salt wet his lips and Sean’s body shook with agony. Liam was meant to be his mate. How could fate be so cruel as to take that from him?

– This from a WIP from my Shifter Series the sequel to Scent of a Wolf.



One thought on “Liam’s Sacrifice Excerpt….

  1. Bonjour
    J’aime vraiment vos livres tous particulièrement cette série j’ai hâte de pouvoir acheter la suite. ❤
    Merci encore pour ces superbes histoires.

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