Sexy Shifter Saturday


As if sensing his discomfort Liam reached out to him, his hand grazed Sean’s aching shaft. His whole body tensed. Sean trapped Liam’s hand at a safer location, mid-thigh.

“Oh?” Liam’s brow rose and his mouth dropped open.

“I—” Sean searched for something to say. This was twice now in a handful of days he’d found himself in this situation.

“Because of me or the book?” Liam asked in a quiet voice.

Shocked at the insecure words Sean gazed at Liam’s delicious form. Every inch from the waist up exposed to his hungry gaze. His wolf growled within and demanded control. Mind taking a backseat to the intense need coursing through him, he pushed the blanket off Liam. Revealing a body he desperately wanted to explore.

A soft inhale caught his attention and he peered at Liam’s face, his bottom lip trembled and he tugged at the hand beneath Sean’s. Without thinking of the consequences Sean laced their fingers together, locking Liam in place before lowering himself over the smaller man. The heated brand of Liam’s hard cock pressing against him had Sean’s dick throbbing in response.

He rested his forehead to Liam’s, their lips nearly touching and whispered, “You do this to me.” He nuzzled his cheek against Liam’s.

–Above is an excerpt from Liam’s Sacrifice, the second book in the Pack of Light series.  🙂



Keep hopping on this sexy road of excerpts!  You don’t want to miss out on any of the steamy fun, so click the following link to join in.


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