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Fall is just around the corner and Romance is in the air. So, what’s more fun then sitting inside snuggled up with a good book. Below I’ve provided an excerpt from a WIP, Driven by Fire, the fourth book in my Firehouse Six series.  It’s one of those quiet moments when you know something is shifting inside one of the character’s hearts.. 😉



Taber was positioned on his side with a large pillow against his back. The blanket was low on his waist, exposing his bare chest. In slumber his face appeared relaxed and peaceful. His long dark lashes sweeping his cheeks, his full lips set in a pout. The locks of his dark hair tousled. Deacon could envision every stroke and smudge it would take to replicate the moment on paper.
Taber nuzzled his pillow. A soft sigh accompanied the action and Deacon’s heart clenched at the innocent movement. He found himself tempted to wake Taber up so the hardass he was accustomed to would emerge to erase the vulnerable man he saw now. The man he had seen glimpses of earlier during their conversation. The same man who had looked at him with anguished sadness and fear in his eyes. A look he just as quickly concealed behind a mask of macho indifference.

Backing out of the room, one question ran through his head on a loop, “Who was the real Taber?”


There is more fun to be had! I’m offering up a fifteen dollar Amazon gift card, so leave a comment about what you find romantic (with your email) to be entered to win. Also, follow the link below to the rafflecopter to enter to win the grand prize of a $75 Amazon Gift Card. 


More romance and giveaways can be found by continuing on with the hop by clicking the link below.  





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