Weekend Writing Warriors


“Maybe,” Deacon, drew the word out, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

Taber’s body filled with warmth simply being in the man’s presence and he flashed to prior jobs and events they’d worked together. “How did I not see you?” he murmured, tucking a lock of Deacon’s hair behind his ear, brushing his thumb along his jawline and across his full bottom lip.

Deacon’s expression became serious. “I could say the same thing.”

He pressed his lips to Deacon’s tasting coffee and sweet vanilla creamer. Framing his face he thrust his tongue, taking the kiss deeper. Deacon clutched his shoulders, holding him in place as if Taber wanted to get away.

~Above is an excerpt from Driven by Fire, book four in the Firehouse Six series. 🙂


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