Luring Erin O’Quinn and her Kilted Men!

So happy to welcome Erin O’Quinn to my blog. She brings fantastic excerpts from her amazing books, blurbs to intrigue, giveaways, AND sexy men.  Who wouldn’t want her hanging around?

Thank you, Draven St. James, for inviting me to your blog!

I’d like to let folks know about my newest book, and to give away another to one of your readers. More about that later.

THE KILT COMPLEX is the sequel to my popular NEVADA HIGHLANDER. Here’s a current promotion I’m running, giving an idea of both novels.

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Tired of cookie-cutter novels?

A Scot and a cop. A Hispanic cop, at that. This odd couple has won a lot of enthusiastic readers. The novels begin in the mountains of Nevada and end (for now) on Scotland’s North Sea shore.

In NEVADA HIGHLANDER, a visiting Scot is being covertly tailed by a Nevada State Trooper. In spite of the cold weather, sparks and levi’s fly as Rory and Alex fall arse-over-bollocks for each other. But deceit has a way of separating even the most dedicated lovers …

The all-new sequel, THE KILT COMPLEX, finds both men reunited in Scotland, where the native Nevadan stakes his claim to independence even while the two take their passion to new levels … and while a killer waits for both of them.

Nevada Highlander: Who’s on Whose Tail?


The Kilt Complex: High Crimes and Sexy Misdemeanors


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Here’s an excerpt from THE KILT COMPLEX.

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Alex Dominguez, in a bid for some independence and self-esteem, has found a job … in spite of the fact that his lover Rory Drummond, a castle laird, is very wealthy. He knows Rory well enough to know that the big guy will not understand his motives, and so he chooses a unique way to tell him.

Chapter 5: “The Parable”

Rory slid from his spot on the armrest and sat cross-legged on the carpet at his feet. “You speak to a man who never worked a real job his entire foogin life. Tell me, Alejo, tell me more about it.”

He looked long at his lover, trying to see a glimmer of irony, or indulgence, or outright teasing. But Rory seemed as candid as he’d ever seen him, the slight frown and tucked-in lip betraying his intensity and his genuine interest.

Letting his deep affection show, he slid from his chair and joined Rory on the thick carpet. He widened his legs to drape over his lover’s knees and leaned into him, his hands and thumbs spread at the juncture of his thighs and balls. “First of all, Rory, it made me feel like a complete man. Like I used to feel, even on the freaking highways around Elko. Like I was making a difference, at least to someone, and earning my own way.”

“Explain that. About earning your way. Last night you said, ‘earning your keep,’ before I brushed you off. Sorry I did that.”

Alex could not believe this was Rory, his “my way or the highway” bed-mate who rarely allowed him to assert the upper hand, and who even more rarely apologized. For anything.

“Actually, Rory, it didn’t dawn on me you wouldn’t know. But a man who never had to work … someone born into wealth … Shit, it makes sense you wouldn’t have a clue about the meaning of work. Not your fault.”

He found himself running his thumbs along Rory’s inside thighs, next to his testicles, feeling more horny by the second as he spoke and touched.

“Imagine this. There’s a man in the desert, snake-bit, no remedy in sight. And then you walk onto the scene, whip out your anti-venom, apply it to the poor sonofabitch, and then you carry him to a place of healing. That’s how it feels to have a job. Doing a thing … maybe for yourself, maybe for someone else … something that makes you hold your head high and feel proud just to be alive.”

Rory’s head was back, his eyes closed, his prick crowding the Levi’s. “Tell me more, lad. I need to know.”

“Then lie back all the way. And just listen, okay?”

He saw Rory nod, then collapse back on the carpet with his arms spread and his legs open, responding to the way his thumbs inscribed circles and loops on the denims stretched over his lump of testicles. He leaned forward and slid the metal button from its hole, then slowly unzipped the Levi’s. He’d never told Rory—and maybe he never would— but that singular act was as arousing as any goddamn thing he could do to his sexy lover. He fucking loved the way Rory’s huge dick always spilled out, often tipped in a sheen of early cum, sometimes moving of its own accord, but always stiff and ready. Maybe tied with that act was tenting his head inside the man’s kilt … But he’d save that pleasure for later.

“Okay, Rory. Imagine you are lying helpless on the carpet, bare as a new-born baby.” As he spoke, Alex began to pull the denims off his hips, down his thighs, while Rory jumped and bucked under the slow process. His lover’s low moan fired him all the way up his butt, and he knelt low to talk directly into the cock.

“And suddenly someone comes along.” He laid his tongue against the side of the heavy prick, then let the saliva drip as he explored the shaft, from the root to the tip. “Are you following me so far?”

A strangled moan answered him, and Alex grinned in lust and expectation. Rory really was listening to him, and he meant to tell him something very important.

“Someone comes along, someone different from any man you’ve ever known. He sneaks up like an outlaw and takes something very precious to you. He steals your heart. And then he leaves.”

He rose to his feet. “Don’t move. I’m not finished.” He kicked out of the boots, unbuckled his jeans and slid them down to his calves and completely off, then squatted damn near on top of Rory’s moving cock. He rubbed the tip around the entrance to his asshole, then moved up until it was in his lover’s face. “Suck my hole. Make it wet.”

He had never felt so unrestrained, so in charge of their love making. He knew it had something to do with his newfound job, but right now he was so close to coming he didn’t want to analyze it. Rory’s lapping tongue found his anus and penetrated it, his hands moving to lift his butt up and down as he spat and probed.

“Yes … suck it … He steals your heart, and the next thing you know, he has stolen even your will to leave the fucking bed. He … goddamn, Rory, deeper … he makes every hour feel like a honeymoon, like there’s no such thing as three squares and a paycheck.”


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And now for a give-away! Just leave a comment below to be eligible.

I’m happy to give away of a copy of one of my Noble Dimensions stories called “A Hard Place.” In this M/M novella, a Nevada Game Warden finds a law-breaking falconer. Before he can haul his ass in for poaching, he finds himself between a hard place … and a harder place.

We’ll conduct a drawing among the names of everyone who leaves a comment on this site. The winner will be announced by email on or about January 25th.

Always good to end on something sweet…or begin…go check this book out too!



25 thoughts on “Luring Erin O’Quinn and her Kilted Men!

  1. Let me be the first to leave a comment! Thanks a lot, Draven, for allowing me to guest on this wonderful site. I like it! Easy to read, easy to fall in love … stop me before I one-click again, Gaaaaagh.

    I hope readers will leave a comment or two, win a copy of A HARD PLACE. It’s one of my favorite stories, set in my own turf, the mountains of Eastern Nevada where men are definitely uber sexy. 😉

  2. Hey there Erin,
    Draven, you’ve got to wait in line if you want Alex and Rory, well, um, maybe we can share… two of them two of us and all. : ) Erin… once again your excerpt has left me in A Hard Place. Damn that “tented kilt” got me again! : )

    • Hi! I’m really glad to hear it. I’m writing the third one now, HUNTER’S POINT, but bogged down in daily crap, like “real life.” 🙂
      Thanks for coming by, and success in the drawing. You might also like A HARD PLACE.

    • Hi, Trish! Are you sure it’s your head in that freezer? 😉 Thank you for the comment, and best of luck in the drawing for A HARD PLACE. You may need to rent another freezer. (I don’t write erotica, but I am passionate about my guys.)

  3. (Kilt + Cowboy + mm author = one passionate well written read 🙂 yes remember cowboys wearing kilts riding broncos 😉 )

    Law biding game warden + illegal falconer + difficult choices = an interesting read. Thank you for a chance to A Hard Place 😀

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