Weekend Writing Warriors


Deacon could envision every stroke and smudge it would take to replicate the moment on paper.

Taber nuzzled his pillow. A soft sigh accompanied the action, and Deacon’s heart clenched at the innocent movement. He found himself tempted to wake Taber so the hard-ass he was accustomed to would emerge to erase the vulnerable man he saw now. The man he had seen glimpses of earlier during their conversation. The same man who had looked at him with anguished sadness and fear in his eyes. A look he quickly concealed behind a mask of macho indifference.

As Deacon backed out of the room, one question ran through his head on a loop: Who is the real Taber?

~ Above is an excerpt from Driven by Fire (Firehouse Six book #4) release date March 24th!


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