Weekend Writing Warriors


Tabitha’s wide, frightened brown eyes stared at him, and her bottom lip trembled as she pleaded, “Don’t leave me.”

“Tell Gavin I’m going in with the paramedics.” It wasn’t usual procedure, but the way the tiny girl’s body shivered and her eyes filled with tears shattered all the rules. There wasn’t a parent waiting and worrying to take his place. She was orphaned, and that loneliness and vulnerability emanated from her.

He shifted her weight to one arm and removed his mask and helmet. He ran the back of his arm across his sweat-slick forehead. With a soft smile he said, “I’m not going anywhere, midget.”

~ Above is a snippet from Fire and Mistletoe, book two of the Firehouse Six series. Just doing a little fun flashback as a lead up to the release of the newest book, Driven by Fire, out March 24th!



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