Firehouse Six brings the Saturday Heat!

DSJ_Driven by Fire

Taber pressed his lips to Deacon’s, tasting coffee and sweet vanilla creamer. Framing Deacon’s face, he thrust his tongue, taking the kiss deeper. Deacon clutched his shoulders, holding him in place as if Taber wanted to get away. Drowning in the delicious desire Deacon’s kiss inspired, he dropped his hands to Deacon’s legs, sliding his fingertips higher, smiling against Deacon’s lips when the man arched up, nearly upsetting the chair.

“You make me forget my surroundings,” Deacon said, leaning back.

“You make me forget that I’m in this damn chair,” Taber admitted, a husky edge to his voice. “Like right now I’d like to do things in this kitchen that have nothing to do with cooking.”

~Above is a snippet from Driven by Fire (Firehouse Six, book #4) which will be released March 24th!!




Keep hopping on this sexy road of excerpts! You don’t want to miss out on any of the steamy fun, so click the following link to join in.



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