Firehouse Six and Cowboys & Kilts Giveaways!!



Who doesn’t love a weekend giveaway?? So, this is what we are going to do, not only am I going to give away some Firehouse e-books, Erin O’Quinn is going to give away an e-copy of her amazing novella, Cowboys & Kilts! To be entered to win a Firehouse Six book or Cowboys & Kilts you must comment with the name of the book you want (you can name multiple Firehouse Six books if you don’t have them all), and then tell me what you love about Firefighters. I want to know what draws you to read about these sexy heroes, besides the obvious. 🙂 Also remember to leave your email address! I will choose a winner by end of day tomorrow…so get your move on!!! 92b23fe3cf2a995de59b60bc357ad721 ~Below I’ve posted a sexy excerpt from the most recent Firehouse Six book, Driven by Fire!

The oven door banged shut, and his gaze shot to Deacon, who turned with a bright smile on his face. “In fifteen minutes I will dazzle your taste buds. I’ve never been happier someone had powdered sugar. A Dutch baby would never be the same without it. Syrup does not do it justice.”

“You’re making me a kind of pancake covered in powdered sugar? What’s wrong with butter and syrup?”

“Don’t sound like that,” Deacon exclaimed, his eyes wide and mesmerizing in their different shades. “It’s amazing.”

“If I can trust you sleeping in a room next to mine, I guess I can trust your food-making abilities.”

“That’s the spirit. I think.” Deacon clutched a bag of powdered sugar to his chest. “Speaking of food. The guys are having a community chili cook-off this weekend, and we’ve been invited.”

“Oh?” Taber’s jaw clenched. He hadn’t been to a social gathering since the fire. There was a piece of him that jumped at the chance to see his friends and another that dreaded the looks of sympathy that would inevitably be cast his way.

“I think it would be fun. I know your mom and sister are going.” Deacon tugged at the plastic, which stretched but refused to tear.

“Is that your way of saying I have no choice?” His family went to all the Firehouse Six functions to support the department. But the way Deacon’s eyes pleaded with him over the bag he was currently trying to rip open with his teeth broke apart Taber’s defenses.

“Fine, but I don’t want to stay too long.” The words came out petulant, but he could only talk about his injury for so long before he wanted to scream. I’m more than my legs, damn it.

“Yippee. Simon is going to be so—” The bag gave way and tore completely in half. Sugar flew everywhere but mostly managed to cover Deacon, who took the brunt of the explosion. “Holy shit.”

Taber burst into laughter before he could help himself as Deacon dropped the bag to the floor and made a futile attempt to dust the powder from his chest, but the fine layer stuck, stubborn.

“You’re not helping,” Deacon growled, throwing his arms wide to illustrate his predicament. “You could at least not laugh like a maniac.”

Taber attempted to temper his humor but couldn’t stop the wide grin that took up residence on his face.

“I thought I needed sun before,” Deacon muttered.

“Do you shake off over the pancake?” Taber teased, unable to help himself. For the first time in months, he felt…normal. “Is this part of the recipe?”

Deacon assessed him through a narrow gaze. “You…” He gave him one more glare before whirling to check on the Dutch baby. When he shifted to face Taber, a light sprinkling of sugar fluttered to the floor. Deacon’s lips twitched before a smile replaced his frown.

“It’s a little funny.” Deacon pointed a finger at him. “Not as funny as you’re making it out to be, but still.” He made a footprint in the layer that covered the floor. “What do you think the five-second rule is for powdered sugar? It’s fluffy.”

As if considering it seriously, he brought his hand to his mouth and traced his tongue along the tip of his finger. All the humor fled from Taber’s body as quickly as it’d come.

Deacon sucked on the tip and farther down, as if he sought every bit of the sweet substance. Taber drew in a loud breath when his body responded to the vivid image of Deacon using that wicked mouth on him.

Remember to comment for a chance to win a free e-copy!!

or if you just can’t wait.  🙂

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Firehouse Six


Don’t stop here though, keep going to Erin O’Quinn’s page to check out her novella Cowboys & Kilts as well as her other amazing books!! Click the link to find a sexy cowboy and see if he wears anything under his kilt!



35 thoughts on “Firehouse Six and Cowboys & Kilts Giveaways!!

  1. I have all of Draven ‘ s books already. Love them all. 🙂 I’d love a copy of Erin’s Cowboys & Kilts though. I love firefighters because they are so brave, so willing to do what most people couldn’t. They risk their lives for strangers and run into danger, not away. That’s not easy and takes amazing inner strength.

  2. I enjoy reading Firefighter stories because they are one of the few people who will always run towards a fire and put their lifes at risk to rescue people and animals. Also of they look very sexy in their uniform and of course without it too!!

  3. I already own ALL of Draven’s books that are available on Amazon… So my choice of book would be “Lost in Fire(when it comes out!!!)” or “Cowboys and Kilts” and I love firemen and cowboys because they are hard working and usually very hot!!!

  4. Hi there 🙂

    I am really into kilts and firefighters. The combination of both is great.
    A friend of mine, M.S. Kelts, wrote a book about a one hot man in a kilt “Loving Silver” – since then I am totally into men in kilts. Sooo hot!


  5. Hello!

    I love firefighters because they are true heroes. The fact that they face such dangerous conditions to protect others is very admirable.

    I’d love to own a copy of Driven by Fire (book 4). 🙂


  6. I haven’t read any of the Firehouse Six books so I would start with the first one there. I have heard it is a very hot series and who doesn’t love a sexy, strong firefighter? I love firefighters because they are ordinary people who do something extraordinary everyday.

  7. I don’t have any of the firehouse six so I need them all. 🙂 hint hint. I would love any of them. I think firefighters are very brave and give off a sexy dangerous vibe that is Hot. They are strong, loyal and don’t leave anyone behind human or animal. thanks for the chance.

  8. I am sorry but I am on a different plane at the moment and I think you might like to be here as well, as the men I can see are kilt wearing rodeo cowboys and kilt wearing fireman, oh yes very nice indeed…

    I would be quite happy to win any of the firehouse series or cowboys in kilts, sorry Cowboys & Kilts books

  9. I have all Firehouse 6 books but wouldn’t mine a copy of Cowboys and Kilts. I love firefighters because they are sexy with those uniforms and there is all kinds of fantasies about what goes on in the firehouse. Love your books.

  10. I’ve wanted to buy The Firehouse Six series, and Cowboys & Kilts for quite a while, but didn’t have the money to spare. I would be happy to win any of them, and thank you for the chance. =}

  11. I would love a copy of Driven By Fire!! I’ve loved the Firehouse Six books so far and I’m really looking forward to reading the new one. 😀

  12. First of all thanks for this giveaway. If i’m Lucky enough to win i would choose Driven by Fire (i already have the first three books in this serie). I love the Fire House six serie because of the different books, i know most of the men are firefighters (HOT) but for example book one and two are a sort of gfy/coming out books, and book three deals with age difference .

    I would love to read the fourth book because it deals with disability and that is one of my favorite subjects in books. I think one of the reasons i like to read about that subject is because i have a son (11 years) who (as a result of a premature birth) has suffert brain damage and is multiple disabled.

    • Thank you for sharing something so close to your heart. I wrote this book because I am drawn to characters who live and thrive despite being disabled. Like in Scent of a Wolf, one of my shifters is blind.

  13. I can’t wait to read this one. It looks just as amazing as the others. Thanks for the chance. I too enjoy books with someone disabled. My daughter is an amputee.

  14. Thanks to all you lovely readers who stopped by! Draven is a superb author, and winning one of her books would be quite a thrill! I’m gratified to see comments about my own “Cowboys and Kilts,” a fantasy romance set in Scotland and probably my fave of my own stories. Best of luck to everyone! 😀

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