Sexy Saturday Snippet


Taber tugged the other man back and stared into his sparkling eyes, Deacon’s face still flushed, his hair tousled and sticking out in all directions. How could a man be adorable and sexy as hell at the same time? Taber’s heart clenched. He wanted to keep this look on Deacon’s face. Not just the haze of passion and the twinkling of mischief, but every look in between.

Afraid of the words that might come out, he leaned in to place one gentle kiss on Deacon’s lips, then another…then another.

Deacon rested his forehead to Taber’s and murmured, “You keep that up, and we’ll be going another round, and you’ll have linoleum burn on your ass.”

~ Above is an excerpt from Driven by Fire (Firehouse Six, Book #4), available now!!



Loose Id:



Keep hopping on this sexy road of excerpts! You don’t want to miss out on any of the steamy fun, so click the following link to join in.


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