Weekend Writing Warriors


A stage loomed off center from the main floor and the mob parted to allow him access.

Aaron climbed onto the elevated surface, his skin buzzing, his mind fractured with a thousand sensations each sparked a pleasure that lit his body on fire. He turned to Roan, the DJ smiled, and the music tore through him in one huge wave.
Heat tingled along his nerves with the touch of the notes, almost a physical caress that jolted him into complete awareness. Raising his arms above his head he swiveled his hips with the smooth rhythm. Every breath he took in was thick like top shelf liquor heated with the desire that saturated the bar, burning its way into his lungs and filling his head. He glanced around the stage catching the lust drunk eyes of the men who crowded the stage.

Lips curving into his practiced seductive smile he approached the edge and like every other night he skirted on the border of losing control.

~ Above is an excerpt from Lost in the Fire (Firehouse Six, Book #5).


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