Sensual Firehouse Fireworks!


In one smooth move he leaned in and pressed his lips to Wren’s. Wren dropped to the mattress, clutching Aaron’s shoulders, keeping him immobile.

“Bad idea,” Wren whispered, against his lips.

“Just kiss me.” Aaron did an internal happy dance at not being pushed away and traced his tongue along Wren’s lower lip, seeking entrance, trying to soften any resistance that may remain.

“Damnit.” Wren sat up tugging him onto Wren’s lap and wrapping Aaron in his arms, opening his month to twist his tongue with Wren’s, tasting the man for the first time.

Aaron’s body sparked to full arousal in two beats, as he returned Wren’s demanding kiss, sucking on Wren’s tongue.

The rough glide of Wren’s hands sliding under his shirt had him shuddering only to feel Wren’s fingers, move south digging into his hips anchoring him close. Aaron was pretty sure there would be bruises from the grip, but he didn’t care because fuck if it wasn’t hot.

Free to finally touch Wren without boundaries, Aaron ran his hands through the short strands of his hair, feeling them tickle his palms. Holding Wren’s head in place less he try to escape the explosive connection. Aaron nibbled Wren’s lips, licking at the sting and moaning when he felt Wren’s throbbing length along his thigh. Finally, all he needed was to lose himself in the man devouring him and hope a fire didn’t interrupt the moment. Digging his fingers into Wren’s scalp he slipped his hand down the side of Wren’s neck and lower. Skin, he wanted skin against skin.

~ Above is an excerpt from Lost in the Fire (Firehouse Six, Book #5).


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