Lost in the Fire, Countdown Fun with excerpt! :)

600full-aitor-mateo (26)

“You either want to see him or you don’t.”

Wren heard Noah’s irritated voice and followed it through the narrow, dark hallway.

“I just…” Aaron’s words were soft and harder to make out.

“Ugh, look. He’s here, he’s being domineering as all fuck, throwing his scowl around like he owns the place, so I doubt he’ll go away. Get it over with,” Noah insisted.

“You make it sound so appealing,” Aaron replied as Wren reached a door marked CHANGING ROOM. Clutching the handle, he turned it and peeked in.

Noah’s back was turned to him, but he could plainly see Aaron’s downturned face in the mirror, which was attached to the vanity he sat in front of, his form covered by a cotton robe. His black locks were spiked; the blue tips shimmered in the harsh overhead lighting. A tinge of gloss emphasized his full, soft lips.

The area was crowded by a couple of racks of what looked like costumes.

“Aaron.” Wren stepped into the room, not wanting to give Aaron a chance to talk himself out of seeing him. Although oddly he also didn’t want to thank Noah for being on his side, because the man already grated on his nerves. He was not domineering. He commanded his space well was all.

Aaron jerked around and stared at Wren with wide eyes highlighted by black eyeliner. They appeared huge, appealing, and sexy as hell. Never would Wren have thought he’d consider makeup on a man attractive, but on Aaron… Fuck…

Noah pivoted, a single brow lifted and a smirk in place. “Patient, aren’t you?”

Before he could answer, Aaron murmured, “Go back to work, Noah. I’ll be fine.”

“Right.” A tender look crossed Noah’s face as he gazed at Aaron before he turned to study Wren, walking toward him. “He’s been through enough shit in his life. Toe the line, fire stud. If you hurt him, I’ll slip on a pair of those high heels he wears on Drag Night and use you for a pincushion,” he cautioned in a low voice.

With that parting threat, Noah shouldered out of the room and left Wren alone with Aaron, who still sat at the vanity.

Aaron rotated to fully face him and peered at him. “Well?”

Wren shifted, a bit uncomfortable now that the reality of talking to Aaron about the situation had arrived. “That kiss, it isn’t… I don’t…” Wren paced, running a hand through his hair, frustrated. Glaring at the cement floor, he searched for the right words.

“That clears things right up,” Aaron declared, standing, the robe falling open to reveal that night’s outfit. A painted on pair of tuxedo pants Wren would bet money ripped off to reveal a sexy pair of boy shorts, matched with a black silk tie.

Lost in the Fire, (Firehouse Six, Book Five) will be released September 22nd!!!


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