Lost in the Fire, Firehouse Six Countdown!!

One More Day Until the Release of Lost in the Fire!!!

A trembling worked through every inch of him that had nothing to do with the war he fought and everything to do with the chill quickly turning his skin to ice.

The smell of damp cement reached him before the first drop of rain landed on his cheek, then snaked down his neck. “Fuck,” he whispered, looking up. The drops came out of the darkness of the sky, visible only when they hit the beams from the streetlight. Soon tiny rivers of glitter slid down his arms and chest.

Stepping out from the alcove, he glanced toward the club. No. Looking the other direction, toward the firehouse…

“I’m here if you need me.” The heat of Wren’s palm cradling his face flashed through him, almost real enough that he could feel Wren’s fingers on his skin.


On the outside Aaron Evans is glitter in go-go boots, but on the inside his world is falling apart one party drug at a time. Wren Tucker is a fireman who had his life planned until his dreams caught fire and burned to the ground. Now the two men’s lives have collided and Wren is ready for a new dream, but first he’s going to have to fight like hell to save Aaron from the addiction that is slowly destroying him.

~ Lost in the Fire (Firehouse Six, book 5), available September 22nd!!


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