Lost in the Fire (Firehouse Six, book 5) -GIVEAWAY!!


Aaron’s heartbeat kicked up a notch, as it did anytime he found himself in Wren’s presence. He took in Wren’s earthy scent of ash and something musky—he assumed it must be some kind of cologne. What he wouldn’t give to have free rein of Wren’s residence to figure out what made the man smell so damn good.

He tiptoed closer, eyes adjusting to the low lighting. A blanket covered Wren to midback. He was stretched out on his stomach, his face nestled into a pillow. Aaron crept closer and dared to perch on the edge of the bed, mourning the fact Wren didn’t sleep topless, wanting to lean near and snuggle his face against the curve of Wren’s neck. Feel the soft caress of the fine hairs at the base of Wren’s neck against his skin. To be that close…

Unbidden, he reached out and lightly rested his hand on Wren’s shoulder. The warm, solid muscles beneath the cotton shirt rippled under his hand as Wren jerked, flipping over. Wren grasped his wrist in an iron grip. Wren’s eyes narrowed to slits, filled with a combination of sleep and confusion.

An unmanly squeak came out of Aaron before he could stop it. Fuck. Did Wren have to look so delectable? His dark hair was tangled like someone had been clutching it in passion, and his face was flushed. The lips that were generally pressed into a firm line appeared full and tempting.

“Aaron?” Wren rasped. “What are you doing in here?”

The tight grasp Wren had on his wrist loosened, but Wren didn’t release him completely.

“I…see…” Aaron stammered, at a loss, his brain momentarily stunned.


The featherlight brush of Wren’s thumb across the pulse point on his wrist had Aaron on the verge of purring. “I wanted to thank you,” he managed to get out. “For last night.”

Wren’s eyes bored into his, making Aaron feel naked and not in a sexual way. In a way that revealed all the parts of him he’d rather keep secret.

“No need,” Wren muttered, dropping Aaron’s hand, shuffling until he was propped on his elbows. “Wasn’t a problem.”

“Still…” Aaron grasped madly for the seducer inside he used every night at the club to bring men to their knees. He craved Wren, and damn if he wanted to be alone in that emotion. There were moments when he caught Wren’s heated gaze, but the stubborn man never followed through. Aaron was not a man who denied himself the things he wanted.

Wren opened his mouth, and Aaron knew a logical statement of rejection would follow. Something that would send Aaron out the door. Not wanting to hear it, knowing a reclining Wren was as close to a vulnerable one as Aaron would get, he hoped like hell the floor was forgiving if Wren shoved him off the bed.

In one smooth movement, he leaned in and pressed his lips to Wren’s. Wren dropped to the mattress, clutching his shoulders, keeping him immobile.

“Bad idea,” Wren whispered against his lips.

“Just kiss me.” Aaron did an internal happy dance at not being pushed away, and traced his tongue along Wren’s lower lip, seeking entrance, trying to soften any resistance that might remain.

“Damn it.” Wren sat up, tugging him onto his lap and wrapping Aaron in his arms. Aaron opened his mouth to twist his tongue with Wren’s, tasting the man for the first time.

~ Excerpt from Lost in the Fire (Firehouse Six, book 5), available NOW!!  Leave a comment with your email to be entered into a giveaway to win an e-copy of Lost in the Fire. 

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Amazon: http://amzn.to/1KtMkUU

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18 thoughts on “Lost in the Fire (Firehouse Six, book 5) -GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Can’t wait for this book! Will also be rereading the rest of the series to prepare. Thanks for the chance to win!! Love these guys!!

  2. Thank you for the sexy excerpt 🙂 I love this serie and Lost in the Fire looks like a great read. i loved all the main characters in the other books but i must admit my favorites are still Mica and Grey, i just can’t help it i have a soft spot for those guys. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway chance.

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