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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I think it is the fun of dressing up and getting to be someone else for a night. That is part of what I love about writing, I get to exist in another world, create new people. As an author, I get to put on a different mask every time I open my computer, depending on which word document I select. So paranormal or contemporary, I can be a shifter or a sexy fireman, but still, wicked in many ways. Below is an excerpt from Lost in the Fire (Firehouse Six, book 5) with a little sexy spice. Leave a comment about what you’d like your sexy significant other to dress up as this Halloween and be entered to win a free e-copy of one of my books!  Click the badge above to keep hopping along on this wicked ride!!



“Did the phone do something mean to you?” Simon’s voice shocked him.

Didn’t the man have a job? Simon seemed to always be skulking around. Wren managed to keep that question in check. Simon was dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a sparkly T-shirt that had a horizontal arrow on it that proclaimed, I get to play with his hose.

“Nice shirt,” he replied, avoiding the phone question. He had no desire to discuss his private life with the lieutenant’s lover. Though he had no clue what Aaron might have shared. Simon might know Wren and Aaron had had sex. Wren studied him for any clues, but Simon just grinned.

Simon ran his hand over the front of his shirt. “Oh, this? Yeah, Michael likes it. So long as I’m standing next to him.”

“You got that right.” Michael descended the stairs into the bay. “I see you’re ready to go to the club.” He looked less than thrilled to be going. Whether because of the venue or Simon’s attire, Wren wasn’t sure.

“Oh yeah.” Simon fairly vibrated. “It’s Angels and Demons Night. Deacon, Cole, and Taber are going to be there.”

Wren stood, tugging on his jacket and shutting his locker, dealing with his own split sides. One was telling him to tag along, and the other was yelling at him to sneak out. He’d gone to the club with the guys before; it was definitely a unique hangout for firehouse guys, but he was all right with it. Except he didn’t dance.

“You didn’t wear a costume,” Michael stated, a look of shock on his face.

Simon grinned. “I have devil horns in the truck, even a pair for Wren , or a halo if he prefers, since I intend to drag him along with us. Now get your sexy ass moving, or we won’t be able to find a place to sit that doesn’t include a cock and grabby hands.”

“Thanks for that visual.” Michael scowled.

“I’m full of fun graphic displays.” Simon began backing out of the bay. “Come on. You too, Wren.”

“Uh,” Wren filtered through his excuses, but considering he’d already been debating, the negatives skated under the surface. “See…”

“Blah, blah, blah. Bad excuse, good excuse. I don’t care.” Simon rolled his eyes. “Let’s go.” He pivoted on his heel and marched outside.

“Is he always so—” Wren started to say bossy but then thought better of implying that his lieutenant was pussy-whipped. Cock-whipped? Ugh, okay, bad images. Better to avoid that whole line of thinking.

“Pushy? Controlling? Commanding?” Michael chuckled. “Oh yeah. Just go with it.”

~ Excerpt from Lost in the Fire (Firehouse Six, book 5), available NOW!!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1LMpFAX

ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-lostinthefire-1893946-149.html

Loose Id: http://www.loose-id.com/firehouse-six-5-lost-in-the-fire.html

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12 thoughts on “Wicked Reads Blog Hop

  1. We don’t really celebrate Halloween the way people in the USA do but if we did i would love it if my husband would dress up as a firefighter or a cop or anything that would say man in uniform 🙂

    Love the excerpt!

  2. I really want Mr. SM to dress up like Deadpool. He’s one of his favorite super(villians? heroes?) and it would be fun to see. Your tales always sound so good, Draven. 🙂

  3. I enjoy my husband’s costumes, but I would like them more if he quit choosing things that required him to paint his body. He has been a smurf, DJ Lance, Peanut from Jeff Dunham’s puppets, and this year he is Hellboy. I would like him to dress as an Officer, a Biker, a Werewolf, a Vampire, a Sexy Angel, anything that represents my books that I enjoy. Alas, I think he has body painting fetish.

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