LGBT Halloween Blog Hop!

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Happy Halloween!!!  It’s time to go out and demand perfect strangers give it up….candy people….give up candy.  Get your minds out of the gutter.  😉  In honor of this fun, wicked, wonderful holiday I’ve picked an appropriate “Aaron” photo and a short excerpt from Lost in the Fire.  Enjoy!!


“So, show me what you enjoy doing when you’re not dancing and you’re just at home.” Wren’s gaze focused in on him.

Aaron flushed. “Sex.”

Wren laughed. “Okay, besides naked horizontal activities.”

“Killjoy.” Aaron scowled.

Wren raised his brows. “There isn’t anything you do?”

“You want me to paint your toenails?” Aaron offered. “Because if you have nail polish here, there is a whole side of you we need to talk about.”

A look bordering on horror and, to Aaron’s shock, resignation passed over Wren’s face. “Uh…I’d rather you didn’t, and I don’t.”

“No magazines. So we’re stuck with reality TV.” Aaron glanced at Wren’s TV. “Do you have cable?”

“I’m kind of wishing I didn’t about right now,” Wren muttered, grabbing the remote from the coffee table and handing it to him.

“It won’t be bad. I’ll ease you in with Project Runway, and we’ll work into RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Aaron tucked his legs under him, hiding his grin when Wren groaned.

Aaron turned on the TV and flipped through the show options until he found Project Runway. “We’ll start at the first episode of this season so you can meet all the designers.”

Wren snagged the remote. “Because that is a big concern of mine,” he said drily.

Aaron giggled and settled against Wren, patting his leg. “Just watch.”

Forty-five minutes into the first episode, Aaron bit his lip to keep from laughing when Wren muttered, “Why would you wear that? It looks like an arts-and-crafts project from a preschool.”

“It’s avant-garde,” Aaron replied.

“Is that another way of saying ugly fire hazard?”


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15 thoughts on “LGBT Halloween Blog Hop!

  1. Happy Halloween, Draven. Yes, I still dress up each year. This year I chose the sexy Cheshire Cat, but I’m not big on the candy. 🙂


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