Sexy Saturday at Club Syn


“Iowa,” Graham’s raspy voice teased, when the door behind Spencer opened. “I’m surprised you didn’t heed my warning, or were you hoping to get me alone?”

Spencer’s head dropped, he couldn’t force himself to turn, but God, his whole body throbbed at the feel of Graham’s heat so near. The spicy scent of his cologne filtered through Spencer’s aroused brain. He couldn’t get his muscles to cooperate and face his temptation.

“You’re giving off some mixed signals with your silence, hon.”

The touch of fingers along his back had him tensing with need, but chained by confusion. He bit his lip to hold in whatever whimpered plea might have escaped, after years of repressing his sexual nature.

“I may be a lot of things, but I don’t seduce unwilling men.” Graham’s soft caress left his skin and Spencer swayed toward the retreating caress.

“Stay,” Spencer whispered, before he could rethink the word, knowing he meant it. Whatever Graham had to offer him at this moment, he sure as hell wanted…needed.

The heat of Graham’s body caged him in the small space, like a furnace behind him. The click of the lock being set into place had his heart speeding. What am I doing?

~ Excerpt from Between the Lies (Club Syn, book 1).




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