Origin of the Wolf


CORY SURVAYED FROM the shadows as Jacob secured his bag and climbed on his motorcycle. Jacob snagged his helmet and covered the silver locks of hair Cory so loved. The engine roared to life but Jacob just stood frozen and Cory felt a faint glimmer of hope. Jacob couldn’t leave him again; Jacob was part of him. But his hopes were dashed as quickly as they rose, when in crushing pain he watched Jacob let up the kickstand and take off with only a trail of dust as proof he’d been there at all.

The need to curl into a ball was so intense he almost died beneath it. Oh God, he could barely breath. Jacob’s words vibrated through his numb mind.

“This isn’t over. You need protected. You’re not strong enough!”

“I’m not a child. I don’t need protection. I’m your mate. This whole time you’ve been here you’ve been giving me shit, bossing me around, pushing this mating on me, like you had some control, like you wanted to…like you wanted…”

A weary sigh had fallen from Jacob’s lips. “I can’t do my job here. It’s my duty now to find Dimitri so he can’t hurt anyone else.”

“So, you’ll just ignore a fated mate and leave?

“Yes, the fates chose poorly for you. I’m sorry, Cory.”

Those parting words alone had almost been enough to shatter him. Jacob’s remorseful expression cut deep, and his complete rejection of their mating twisted the knife.

Tears threatened to fall down his cheeks as he sunk to his knees. “Jacob.”

His lips trembled. The agony washed over him and something broke inside. The numbness in his head spread with cold fingers through his blood and into his heart. He stood on shaky limbs, his hands clenched into fists.

When Jacob returned Cory would not be the man he’d left behind. Cory would not belong to Jacob. Cory would never be his mate.

Excerpt from Origin of the Wolf, Pack of Light book three.


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Loose Id:



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