Flashback Friday with Firehouse Six!


These delicious men have been saving the day since Grey’s Hidden Fire came out in 2013. Now two more will be jumping in the fray to join this group of heroes. Yes, I am a tease when it comes to my guys, but will reveal that the story is Cole and Gavin. Now, as I am feeling pretty happy I will be doing a giveaway, but it comes at a creative price…to you! Your task is to leave a comment with your best pick-up lines. I will choose the most fabulous one to put in the book and give the winner a 10 dollar give card to Amazon. 🙂 Plus, since I feel a little naughty, I’ll give them a sneak peek at Cole and Gavin’s first kiss. Keep commenting all weekend long…as many times as you’d like.

Did I forget to mention my wonderful Firehouse men won some awards?  Well, they did!  With the Love and Romance Cafe…

Driven by Fire was third for Best Book of 2015.

Lost in the Fire was tied for second for Best M/M.

Thank you readers! Here is a picture to show my love!


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12 thoughts on “Flashback Friday with Firehouse Six!

  1. Love this series! One of my girlfriends husband is a firefighter here in GA and she told me once “Get rid of your smoke detector and sleep with a firefighter!”

  2. Hi, do I know you from somewhere? Why yes, yes I do know you. I saw you in my dreams last night. (I know it’s corny but it’s the only thing I could think of considering I’m single and haven’t dated in almost 10 years lol)

    Congratulations on the awards!!!!!!!

  3. Pick up line? I’m not sure I can think of one but as for a funny answer maybe…
    “Oh honey, you don’t need that bad a pick up line because with this sexy muscles you can pick me up any day without a line for it.”
    Sorry for my bad English but I’m from Germany. 😉 Love your hot firefighters!! 😘 ❤

  4. Congratulations on all the award. My pick up line would be “I’m going to ride you like a fire truck on a bad stretch of road on the way to a 6 alarm fire!” or “I am a firefighter, I run into burning buildings to save a complete stranger, imagine what I would do for you”

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