Sensual Saturday at Club Syn


Club Syn 1 - Between the Lies-FINAL


So many more complications muddied the surface; warning bells clanged in his head. But the gnawing ache of lust was painful, and the simmering need in Iowa’s eyes only fed it. With a groan of defeat, he nuzzled Iowa’s neck, giving in to his cravings. He knew he shouldn’t, but much like starting the night off drinking too much top-shelf scotch, he couldn’t help but indulge in a desire that would lead to a horrible hangover of regret.
“Graham,” Iowa rasped. “Please.”
One of Iowa’s hands had found its way under his shirt, and the rough touch of those fingertips across his skin had all of Graham’s remaining reservations crumbling.

~ Above excerpt is from Between the Lies, book one in the Club Syn series.  Available April 4th!



Keep hopping on this sexy road of excerpts! You don’t want to miss out on any of the steamy fun, so click the following link to join in.



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