Hop for Visibility Awareness and Equality


Welcome to my blog and thank you for your support in hopping Visibility Awareness and Equality! It is so important that we show our love and support to every amazing individual in the phenomenal rainbow that is our community. 🙂 So this May 17th (and every day after), take the time to celebrate our differences!

Love is Love. Those three words are simple, but so powerful. There is a liberty found within those words. There are no boundaries to the emotions that we experience. Rather, there are no expectations of how we should feel and how we shouldn’t. That freedom is one of the elements I most enjoy as a writer of m/m erotic novels. I craft stories that bring to life love and lust without constraints.

I’ve had the great joy of opening the eyes of some of my friends over the past years. Out of support they have read my books and found themselves intrigued and enthralled by the tales. Soon, they were buying more and more books in the m/m genre and finding it led to much sleep deprivation. I was happy to be the catalyst to their education when it came to illustrating the beauty of love no matter the gender combination.

Yet, I know there is still a great many minds to be pried open and so I will continue to write. It helps that I have a blast penning each book. At the end of the day humans are a confusing bunch and I thought I’d end this short blog with a little  fun quote from my book Between the Lies, Club Syn book 1:

        “Love stories are timeless.” He tried the answer and found it did indeed hold a vein of truth.

          “They are timeless, but what you wrote wasn’t a love story,” Graham stated. “There was no passion in your words. Do you have the paper with you?”

          Spencer nodded and suppressed a twinge of pain brought on by Graham’s continued negativity. After digging through the bag he had next to his feet, he pulled out the paper from his binder and passed the evil document to Graham.

          Graham snagged it and flipped through the sheets. “Ah, here. You simply describe him seeing the other man. ‘He saw him looking at him.’” Graham sighed. “This is a huge area where you could add a spike of need in the reader. He doesn’t just look at him. He feels the gaze like a physical caress on his skin, bringing to life sensations he has never known before.”

The way Spencer had felt the first time Ebony had looked at him, like he wanted to eat him up. Oh, yes, he understood exactly what a young Juliet—or in his story, Roman—would be experiencing even if he hadn’t written it that way.

         “Can you see it?” Graham asked. “Need. Desire. Those raw sensations should grab you. Writing is about more than punctuation and grammar. It’s about having a voice that speaks to the reader. In this scene, your voice needs to seduce.

          “In a tale of woe, the readers should fall in love with the characters and feel the pain of loss as if it were their own. The reader should not be happy when the characters finally off themselves, which was an emotion I experienced on reaching the conclusion of your paper.” Graham raised a brow.



As a gift, please leave a comment about how you define love (with your email) and be entered to win a ten dollar Amazon gift card. Then hop along to the other amazing blogs that are participating in this wonderful event by clicking the link below.

Hop for Visibility Awareness and Equality


22 thoughts on “Hop for Visibility Awareness and Equality

  1. I think love is having affection and caring for someone, being willing to take the extra effort, sacrifice etc to help that person be safe and happy.

    Thanks for the post and participating in this great blog hop.


  2. Love is simple and yet unique for each person. Love is being able to see the value in someone’s POV that differs from your own. Love is seeing the whole person and loving them not in spite of differences but with differences included in the package. Love is when they are the first person you want to share your thoughts and experiences with, past and present.


  3. Love is lettng people be who the need to be.
    This hop always gets me openng discussions when people I am with make silly/hurtful comments

    Littlesuze at hotmail.com

  4. Draven,
    sweet blog. Thank you so much for taking part in the hop. I don’t want to be entered in the giveaway, but will answer your question: What’s love? Love is sunlight on your face after a lifetime in the shadows. Love is a hot cuppa joe brought to you on a morning you don’t want to get out of bed. Love is washing someone’s stinky socks over and over again. It’s teaching your kid to wash their own stinky socks in preparation for the day you won’t be around to wash them anymore. It’s sitting next to you best friend on your cold cement front stairs after she’s driven five hours to cry on your shoulder because your kids are already asleep, but you need to be there for her too. It’s a feeling between two or more people, a feeling that makes you want to be the best possible you–so that you can be a better recipient for the other party or parties love. In my opinion, it’s the most powerful force in the world…heck, probably in all of existence.

  5. Thank you for participating in this blog hop. Love for me is unconditional 🙂 and it doens’t matter who you love.

  6. Great post! I’ve definitely experienced the opening friends’ eyes thing.

    Love is…a deep connection with another person emotionally, physically, or spiritually, whether it’s for a moment or a lifetime.

  7. Defining love…. That’s a difficult one. Love is a feeling which makes you forgive because your heart will convince your mind that no matter what the person you love does, there is always a reason for it, and you just have to look further to understand.

  8. Tough question…for me love is when I can imagine myself waking every morning beside him for years to come and when I can see myself sharing everything with him – good or bad.

  9. Love is accepting someone as they are. Appreciating their differences, supporting them, helping them to achieve their goals. Offering comfort when needed, standing in the shadows as back up and never hiding the fact that they are the ones that give meaning to your soul.

  10. Love is accepting someone and all of the faults. Thanks for being part of the hop.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  11. Love is that force that drives us, that makes us trying to be better all the time, for we as a human beings are not meant to live without love….

  12. It is extremely important for us to talk about all the people under the umbrella, especially in the light of the recent events, so thanks for talking participation in this blog hop!

  13. Love is accepting a person differences, not trying to change things about them that can’t be changed, whether it be their personality, gender, sexuality, etc. It’s accepting their flaws, their weaknesses, their strengths. It’s taking all of this into account, accepting it, and then loving that person regardless of all of it.


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