Sexy Saturday Snapshot

What happens when two men play a drinking game….Two truths and a Lie….


Croix glared at the tequila before drinking it and chugging soda. “That’s so, just, wrong.”

“But I bet you’re starting to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, huh?”

Croix scrubbed a hand across his face. “I doubt the light, fluffy, barrier I’m experiencing building within is something I should take comfort in when I’m around you.”

“Be that as it may. It’s your turn and I want it so filthy I should be reading about it in the bathroom of an adult video store.”

“You’re delusional, because I have no such filth.” Croix ran a finger along the rim of his shot glass. “Umm…my father found my stash of porn when I was seventeen. I’ve never jacked off in front of another person. I own a collection of sex toys.” Croix buried his face in the crook of his arm, his words muffled near the end.

Brayden knew, given what Croix had said about needing some help in the experience department that he must be chaste, but just because he was a virgin didn’t mean he hadn’t been to first and second base. So, the truths and lies swirled together in dirty water. Then there was William, the man had no sense of boundaries, he wouldn’t put it past the guy to go snooping. Ugh, this was harder than he thought, because the idea of Croix with sex toys had him reaching for a pillow to put over his lap. The most obvious option from the naughty pile would be he’d never jacked off with an audience, which would mean that was what Croix expected him to pick. “I think it’s you own some hide me away sex toys. Lie, lie, lie.”


~ Above is an excerpt from, The Closer I Get (Picture Perfect, book 1), a book by Draven St. James and LL Dahlin.




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