Sexy Saturday Snippet


“You don’t need an outside source to turn me on.” Croix’s fingers ran through his hair, causing him to tremble with the gentle caress. “Just look at me and I’m good to go.”

Brayden shrugged his shirt off, needing skin on skin, shoving Croix’s off next. “You’re not the only one.” His body burned with the need to imprint itself on Croix so the man would never forget the feel of him. The fear that every time might be the last filled him with passionate need to devour Croix.


~ Above is an excerpt from, The Closer I Get (Picture Perfect, book 1), a book by Draven St. James and LL Dahlin.



Keep hopping on this sexy road of excerpts! You don’t want to miss out on any of the steamy fun, so click the following link to join in.

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