Sexy Saturday Flashback


Aspen tugged Garren away from the bar and out into the throng of gyrating bodies. The lights on the dance floor flashed, creating a strobe-like effect. The smell of sweat and men permeated the area. When things got this hot, Garren always felt as though everyone was on the precipice of breaking out into an orgy.

“You can’t chicken out on me now.” Aspen maneuvered through the crowd to the center of the dancers and whirled to face Garren.

Garren stared. Damn, beautiful. Aspen’s green eyes flickered with each flare of light. An unreadable emotion colored them.

“This is a bad idea,” Garren murmured as he trailed his hands down to Aspen’s hips and jerked him close. “A very bad idea.”

“I’m not on the clock.” Aspen looped his arms around Garren’s neck and pressed his face against the warm crook. Jostling dancers shoved him until Aspen’s entire body was plastered against his. Garren clutched Aspen, doing a slow grind to the bass beneath the tempo.

“It’s just a dance,” Aspen whispered.

Garren knew nothing with Aspen would be simple.

~ Flashback from Covert Delivery, by Draven St. James, Available NOW!!

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