Sexy Saturday Sneak Peek



Brayden held out his hand gesturing next to him. A shy smile curved Croix’s lips as he walked to the bed crawling on the mattress, Croix’s gaze no longer focused on his face, but seemed to be locked on his body.

“You keep looking at me like you’re going to devour me and this won’t last long.” Brayden flipped, shoving Croix on his back, and hovering over him. “Besides as much as I’d like to feel your full lips wrapped around me. I have other plans.”

“What might those be?” Croix traced his thumb along Brayden’s jaw, and he tilted his head into the caress.

“To be inside you,” Brayden whispered in a raw voice.  He brushed his lips over Croix’s. “To get as close to you as possible.”

He slid his hands along Croix’s body, mapping out the contours he’d only briefly been allowed to touch. Desire roared in his system, so intoxicating it put any alcohol induced euphoria to shame.

Croix dug his fingers into his shoulders, spreading his legs like an invitation for Brayden to move closer. Brayden smiled against his lips and shimmied down.

“No fair,” Croix complained. “You’ve already had your turn.”

~ Above is an excerpt from, The Closer I Get (Picture Perfect, book 1), a book by Draven St. James and LL Dahlin.

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