Sexy Saturday at Club Syn


“Do you think these jeans make my ass look too big?” Ari asked. He looked over at his roommate Spencer who stood frozen in the kitchen, his hand cradling a cup of coffee. A staple for the college student who was constantly doing homework late into the night. He learned early on that Spencer’s hours weren’t much different than those of a party boy, but more boring.


Ari tried to glanced over his shoulder, but nearly fell backwards. “Well?”

“I think if they were any tighter you would be on the floor in need of CPR. How does that not hurt your…” A pink blush colored Spencer’s cheeks when he gestured below Ari’s waist. “You know.”

“My cock? My slong? My dick?” Ari grinned, when Spencer reddened further. Ari’s homegrown Iowa roommate was shy as could be and adorable to boot. If he weren’t shagging one of the college professors Ari still might be trying to sneak his way into those well worn levis. “Well, sugar, the trick is all in the way you tuck your package. You don’t want any damage done if you get hard when you see Mr. Right or Mr. Right now. A zipper imprint is not sexy.”

Spencer shook his head. “You’re insane.”

“I’m determined.”

~ Above is an excerpt from book two in the Club Syn series.  🙂  



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